︎︎︎RIDE OR DIE (2018)


The exhibition RIDE OR DIE at Kunstraum 34 in Stuttgart showed insights into the diversity of artistic positions of the students of KLASSE BRENNER that were worked out, tested, discussed, manifested and questioned together. The presented works revolved around a wide range of topics from identity, memory, change, provocation, structure, norm and deviation. Originally, the expression RIDE OR DIE comes from the biker milieu, meaning you’d rather die if you could not ride your motorcycle. In its current use, the meaning has shifted to a romance with bonds so strong, one parnter would endure anything and everything for the other. The term does not have a purely negative connotation: Enjoy the ride!

Anat Ivgi, Andy Dobler, Angelina Seibert, Antonia Christl, Armin Wischkony, Christina Koch, Daniel Frey, Jakob Tyroller, Johannes Burgmayer, Josephine Boger, Julia Kreutzer, Juliane Gebhardt, Katharina Becker, Laura Fröhlich, Lili Weyrich, Rebecca Ogle and Valentin Wenzel